Hunterspeed Season 1

Semi-Finals (7 maps)
Ho Ho Ho Speed ? … 87487#auto
upper finish
pourquoi pas … 18375#auto
call of phone … 55549#auto
Puscifer … 45911#auto
[FS] Morphologie. … id=6004534
ZugZwang by monitor
Finals (9 maps)
bumpy ride by monitor
on board
kontstantipopel Ne … 75197#auto
thunderbolt 93
electric shock … 21685#auto
the end of the earth … 68160#auto

plain gaz … 18370#auto

Speedflash … &id=104944

speedfun destyno … 68191#auto

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1st big final 2k coppers
2nd big final 1.60 k coppers
3rd big final 1.40 k coppers
4th big final 1.20k coppers
1st Small final 1k coppers
2nd Small final 800 coppers
3rd Small final 600 coppers
4th Small final 400 coppers
5th semi final 200 coppers (best points)
5th semi final 150 coppers (worst points)

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1th Schimmy Survived all legs in grand final ( 429 pts in Third leg)
2th Jonas Knocked out in third leg of 3 maps in grand final ( 366 pts in Third leg)
3th Ixxon Knocked out in second leg of 3 maps in grand final (295 pts in Second leg)
4th Leon Knocked out in first leg of 3 maps in grand final (233 pts in First leg)
5th Treggeur 1st in Small Final 501 pts
6th Remavic 2nd in Small Final 461 pts
7th Swx Forfait in Small Final 0 pts ( 7th because he won one match in the whole tourney)
8th Corbo Forfait in Small Final 0 pts (8th because he didn’t win anything)
9th Astronaut 5th in Semi-final 309 pts
10th Haschish 5th in Semi-final 0 pts
11th Wayho 1st in Quarters 828 pts (Signed himself out the tourney)
12th Mr. Peaze 4th in battle for third places 265 pts
13th Germain 4th in Quarters 670 pts
14th CrazyRacer 4th in Quarters 527 pts
15th Grindjarda 4th in Quarters 478 pts
16th Devils 4th in Quarters 465 pts
17th Boboppe 5th in Eighthfinals 450 pts
18th Menno 5th in Eightfinals 439 pts
19th Bobo 5th in Eighthfinals 400 pts
20th Tiger 5th in Eighthfinals 132 pts
21th Japer 6th in Eighthfinals 420 pts
22th Wazazaa 6th in Eighthfinals 387 pts
23th Offca 6th in Eighthfinals 0pts
24th Giga 3th in eightfinals 498 pts (disqualified)
25th Fabien 4th in Groupsphase 729 pts
26th Tontin 4th in Groupsphase 643 pts
27th Issc 4th in Groupsphase 653 pts
28th Gorfu 4th in Groupsphase 528 pts
29th Grazio 4th in Groupsphase 76 pts
30th Frenkie 4th in Groupsphase 0 pts
30th Skeurizer 4th in Groupsphase 0 pts
30th Boom 4th in Groupsphase 0 pts