War vs Sfx  


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04/12/2017 3:41 pm  

All hv members and everybody who is interested,

On sunday the 10th of December High-velocity will have a war against Speedfreax(Sfx). This war will contain 6 maps and it will be a 7v7(probably not but we will see). all the maps are speedfun maps 3 maps chosen by Hv and 3 maps chosen by Sfx.

Maps :

Sfx picks

Modern Ben Hur by Sfxracing

Half stadium Ride by Sfxracing

CR more directions by Sfxracing

Hv picks

Coffee the third time by Noppinator

Light in the dark by Rawrdragon

Popcorn by Monitor

Location :

Hv go war situated in the Netherlands region Flevoland

Date :

10th of December @19:00 CET



Hv-Sfx:  34-33

Popcorn: 4-7
Coffee time: 2-7
Light in the dark: 7-6 
Modern ben hur: 7-5

CR more directions: 7-6
Half stadium ride: 7-2