War vs Rh  


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25/10/2017 10:57 pm  

All hv members and everybody who is interested,

This sunday the 29th of october at 21:00 CET High-velocity will have a war against the Rising hawks(Rh). This war will contain 6 maps and it will be a 7v7. all the maps are speedfun maps 3 maps chosen by Hv and 3 maps chosen by Rh.

Maps :

Rh picks

Deadline by speedzoners

Temple of Speed by toebald

Sun goes down by Lurk

Hv picks

Old world by Bill

Baldrian by speed fun track

Colle au fffion by Kbfree

Location :

either Hv go war or an Rh server

Date :

29th of october at 21:00 CET




Old world: 5-2
Deadline: 3-5
Baldrian: 3-5
Sun goes Down: 4-5

Kbfree: 2-5
Temple of Speed: 5-1