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21/04/2017 12:19 am  

How to apply for High-Velocity.

To apply for High-Velocity you can create a new topic in this forum. This topic needs to be in english since this clan is an international clan.

We need to know the following:

  • Trackmania ingamename and login
  • Country
  • Age
  • Experience (Clans, participation in events/wars)
  • Reason for joining(wars/events,organizing events, just for fun)

Because we communicate via facebook you also need to include your facebook name. You can PM this to our recruiter(Schimmy) or one of the leaders(Treggeur/Jonas) if you dont want to make this public. 

You also need to join our discord channel.

After we get notice of your application we will reply in the topic or contact you on facebook and invite you to play with us. That way we can get to know you and decide if you have a place in High-Velocity.

We are looking forward to your application!


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22/04/2017 3:31 pm  

Nickname: Nonex

Login: maxgermanykiel

Country: Germany

Age: 17

Experience: I've been in Clans rm and TA, two wars with rm

I'd like to join because I want to be a Team Player, and I already know some members of Hv

Facebook: Max Eder (

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15/06/2017 7:59 pm  

Nickname: LBee (JeFF)

Login: ful_spead

Country: Czech Republic

Age: 20

hello i realy want to join some second clan 🙂 my first clan is infector and they dont play clan war only scrims and some cup's i love full speed maps and techs ... if i can join to my second clan it will be fine thanks for it 🙂 i play with you treggeur some 100k roc 🙂

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16/11/2017 6:55 pm  

Nickname: Stiv.

Login: 1ztep

Country: Colombia

Age: 18

i play 4 years ago, i have experiency i want a second clan, since I am part of npg, I would like to be part of high velocity since it is seen that it is a clan with excellent players.


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31/12/2017 1:17 am  
  • Trackmania FSΞLΞΜΞΝΤ , login: maximilianofilloy
  • País: Argentina
  • Años:20
  • Experiencia: ex team: LVE, PR  game 6 months ago but despite my little time in the game I have a good level (the only bad thing is that my English is not good)
  • Razón para unirse :play wars and more than anything learning to improve as a runner

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27/04/2018 12:40 am  
  • ingamename t]oyssy[y  and login seriouslurker
  • Finland
  • 41
  • Experience drived on and off for about 8 years (Former JFF, Fierce CLAN rip!, here to tease MrPeaze :P, never partizipated in wars. I drive mostly for fun), ONLY FULLSPEED
  • Reason for joining(FullSpeed fun with MrPeaze and maybe fund him again wit coppers lol)


im too old to use discorrd if someone dont help me through it.. 🙁

Looking forward to see MrPeaze again, i hope. (Former JFF|lurker here to bother MrPeaze, been saving lots of coppers :P)





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30/04/2018 11:12 am  

Hi Lurker!

That's been a while indeed! Long time no see! Good to hear that you are planning to play again!

Awesome that you found me here. The Go Fast servers are still online ofcourse 😉

Would be nice if i see you arround to hang out. Come play with us! Check the server page here in the menu. I am mostly on the Go Hunt server, but during events on the Hv-Event servers.

I don't decide who can join the clan, but starting with playing and get known with the teammembers will help you for sure:)

Hope to see you arround!