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Hv-weekly will be a weekly speedfun/funspeed competition every wednesday. season 2 will consist of 8 weeks starting from 13 december until 7 februari(with the exception of 27 december). This competition will be for individual players and for teams. the maps will be picked by the community if u want to submit your own mappack click here





Every wednesday at 20:00 CET the server will be opened and then every player will have the chance to train 5 tracks for 1 hour in time attack mode. This time attack mode will consist of 2 times 5 minutes on every track.



at 21:00 CET I will start the cup. the cup will continue until 10 players have finished the cup. The estimated duration will be between 60 and 90 minutes. the cup will have a point limit of 750 points and the point distribution will be: 40,35,31,28,26,25,24,23,22,21,20,19,18,17,16,15,14,13,12,11,10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1.

a password will be added after the first 2 maps. this password will be posted every week in our discord: . the maps will switch after 5 rounds. and there will be 1 warmup for every map.


Post cup

after the cup you will get points depending on the position that you are at that moment. the points for each position will be the same as the point distribution during the cup. for teams only the top 3 of your team will be counted towards your teamscore.



Scores will updated over here: there you can also find the donation counter.



Every week I will stream it over here :



the server will be Hv-training. you can find it in the netherlands province zuid-holland.

server link:



 edit: cause of new internet starting from week 3 we will play  on a different server





You don’t have to register if you just want to play on your own. Just join the server every week to appear on the scoreboard.


Team Registration

Registration link :  

You can register your team until 21:00 CET in week 2 of the season. I do this so that also individual players can form a team when meeting in the warmup phase.


Team limits

A team needs to consist of a minimum of 3 players and has a soft max limit of 5 players. Soft meaning that only 5 players will receive the teamprize if you have more then 5 players. If you want more then 5 players you also have to tell me in a pm on discord .





individual prizes will be handled the same way as in season 1 so there will be a default 5000 copper prizepool and any donation during the cup will also be distributed over the players. distribution is available here .



The top 3 teams will receive a bronze tag which will contain the team position and possibly will have some nice art made by a friend of mine who does that for a living. otherwise I will try to do my best to make a good tag. if u want more then 5 tags for your team please give me 1000 coppers.



You can submit your own mappack and every week I will choose one of the submitted mappack to be featured. The maps need to be pure funspeed or speedfun maps meaning that it has to be respawnable and I want at least 3 of the 5 tracks that you cannot finish fullspeed. I prefer oldschool speedfun maps. If your tracks are not on tmx then please send the gbx files to me in a pm on either discord or facebook.

edit: I forgot to add it because I thought it was clear from the setup of these weeklies but mappacks should not be known to anyone other then the submitter and the organiser(treggeur).


Summary of the links:

Team registration :  

Map submission:


Prize distribution:





I hope to see a lot of you guys during the event.





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