Hv-Allstar TeamTournament 2018 Feedback  


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06/05/2018 1:35 am  

Copy this text and fill in. We appreciate your suggestions for next time 🙂

What's your team? *
Nickname *
What do you think about the organisation (servers, communication, page...) ?
Where there certain maps (specific) that you didn't like ?
What styles would you suggest us for next season? or do you suggest us from one specific style more maps ?
How many maps per match would you prefer ?
What period is the best to organise the event next season ?
Maximum members per team
Players allowed to drive per map per match
Ammount of warming ups per map
Pointslimit per map ( teammode)
Default date for matches
Default time for matches
What do you think about the scoresystem,(in the tables)
Additional comments